Lightfarm 2018

Lightfarm is a growing multinational company that specializes in image and video creations, with studios in Rio, San Francisco, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

We are Photography, CGI, Creative Retouching, Video and Post Production in one package.

We offer full service production: everything that is required to bring your next idea to life, delivered on time and with vibrant enthusiasm!

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Always seeking for the next technologies, working closely with developers to bring a faster and better quality to our work.

  • High res CGI stills – including complete CGI environments and CGI / Photography composites.
  • Automotive CGI – from CAD data prep to photoreal stills, turntables and animations.
  • Animated sequences, fly/drive throughs and product 360’s.
  • Custom 3d Modeling
  • Character Creation.
  • Expert pre-production consultation.
  • Pre-visualization.
  • Technical and creative support for photographers wishing to work with CGI.


From the most sophisticated multi-part compositions requiring creativity, careful planning and an expert grasp of perspective and composition. To crafting a single capture into a work of art with subtle adjustments of color and tone.

  • Creative retouching for advertising.
  • Automotive retouching.
  • Fashion and Beauty retouching.


From the refined under water shoots to the clean and simple product shoot in studio. Our photographers in Brazil, New Zealand and Australia are here to help.

  • Specifically designed photographers to attend the client necessities.
  • Shooting on remote places of the globe, in special Australia and New Zealand.
  • Photography with on-location support.
  • Photography direction for high resolution movies.

Shoot support and on-location services

  • Expert 2d/3d consultation.
  • HDRi captures and post processing.
  • Realtime 3d pre-visualization.
  • Creative Retouching.


Our artists are braking our own limits on the daily basis to bring to our clients 3D animated sequences and cinematographic movies.

  • 3D animated sequences.
  • Artistic direction and cinematography.
  • Movie editing and post production.



NOTE: For all employment enquires…

Send a brief intro and your current CV to


  • Milton Menezes Director, Photographer and Post Production
  • Rafael Vallaperde Criative Director and CGI Artist
  • Simon McCormack Founder & CEO
  • Thadeu Félix Production Manager
  • Krystal Leasure Production
  • Stéfani Pimenta Production
  • Karen Maia Executive Production
  • Diego Maricato Lead CGI Artist
  • Rafael Moco CGI Artist
  • Marcelo Cabral CGI Artist
  • Thiago de Sul CGI Artist
  • Marcéu Lobo Lead Post Production
  • Ramon Saroldi Post Production
  • Flavio Teixeira Post Production
  • Thiago Paladino VFX / Post Production
  • Diego Barcellos Illustrator and Post e Production
  • Giselle Almeida Illustrator
  • Kawe de Sá Animator
  • Anderson Santos Photographer
  • Izabela Bringel Social Media
  • Calver Brito Finance
  • Ricardo Combat Developer
  • Flávio Feliciano IT
  • Cricea Gonçalves Housekeeper
  • Cícero Medeiros Masseur
  • Daniel Silva Padawan
  • Jon Snow Security