The Lightfarm Brazil participated in the largest Adobe event in Latin America: the Photoshop Conference 2015 held in Campinas, São Paulo.

The event is a unique opportunity for those wishing to learn new techniques, exchange experiences and know the advertising market. Milton Menezes and Rafael Vallaperde lectured for over an hour, showing the process of creation, thought behind Photoshop and the new works of Lightfarm Brasil.

At the end of the presentation, our directors also talked to the participants of the event answering questions, and received praise from the Adobe Production Manager, Joel Baer – “I would love to attend this lecture in English. It seemed so exciting in Portuguese I’d love to understand it all! This is definitely the kind of presentation that would be perfect for the MAX. ”

For those unaware, is the largest Adobe MAX conference in the world and will take place from 3:07 October in Los Angeles – USA. Will we see a bit of Lightfarm Brazil there? We can´t wait!